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Hi, I'm Kev Tran, nominee for REB Buyers Agent of the Year 2024, I'm committed to guiding you with exceptional expertise in property investment.

With my insider knowledge and proven strategies, I can help you steer through the complexities of the property market, helping you achieve your investment goals.

Nominated Australia's #1
Buyer's Agent 2024
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Get access to my proven portfolio scaling methodologies, negotiation expertise and industry connections when investing in Real Estate

Expert Guidance, Tailored to Your Needs: When it comes to building or scaling your property portfolio, I understand that a one-size-fits-all approach just won't cut it.
I offer personalised property strategies, ensuring that every decision aligns with your goals and vision.

Data-Driven Market Selection: With my hands-on experience and access to comprehensive market research, I can help you buy in the RIGHT market at the right time.

Streamlined Deal Sourcing and Acquisition: I specialise in identifying low-maintenance investments that aim for both capital appreciation and high rental yield.
My goal is to ensure your investments are not only profitable but also hassle-free.

Robust Post-Purchase Support: My support extends beyond the purchase. I connect you with high-quality tenants and provide timely re-investment options to keep your portfolio growing.

A Track Record of Success: Our clients have commonly achieved 3+ property purchases within 3 years, with returns of 29-49%+ more than Australia’s average market growth, and substantial equity growth.

Industry Recognition and Experience: With my team and I having completed over $700 million in property transactions, I bring a wealth of experience to the table.
My nomination as the REB Buyers Agent Of The Year 2024 is a reflection of my dedication to excellence.

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Your FREE Consultation

I will deep dive into your current situation, your financial and lifestyle goals, and the core areas of your journey where you feel professional support is required to help get your property goals faster.

Portfolio Strategy Session

We form a portfolio plan of attack, use sophisticated mapping tools and help you reverse engineer how you can go beyond the typical 1 - 2 investment properties.

Market Selection

Even though we do the hard yards, the choice of market is still made together with you. My team and I have invested thousands on market research spend, and, industry-leading research data, all to help you buy in the right market at the right time.

Deal Sourcing and Acquisition

After you’re happy, my team and I will help with the other processes and project manage due-diligence items with other professionals too – negotiation, finance, asset and tax structures, pest and building condition reports, your legal requirements and more. All so you can choose assets that grow in value, rent quickly and well, with low maintenance costs to optimise your ROI.

Post-Purchase Support

Now that you’ve secured this investment property, we don’t just disappear. Our leading ‘post-settlement service’, can help you successfully manage your property manager, access higher quality tenants and yields, your investing risks, and keeps you future focussed on long term goals with strategies that unlock your ability to repeat…again…and again!

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